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Social Media Inbox

Now you can finally see all your social media conversations, messages, comments, and mentions in one place. Our Social Inbox collects and displays all your interactions from multiple social accounts. Complete inbox items and assign them with specific tasks to other team members. Easily engage, respond, thank, or follow back with your social media audience where ever channel there are.


Best social media inbox


Notification Counter: As soon as you log into eClincher, the Notification Counter will give you a quick glance at how many uncompleted notification and messages you have. Never miss a notification or message again!

Mark as completed: Once you are finished with an item in your Inbox, mark it as completed. By default, it will disappear so you can focus on completing the remaining items. Take the guessing out of social media. Complete all the items in your Inbox and you will never miss another important notification or message.

Filter: See what you want to see, when you want to see it. Filter your Inbox by social account and/or notification type and tags.

Search: Find anything in your Inbox with Search. Trying to find a conversation you had two weeks ago, but don’t know who it was with or what social network it took place on? Simply search for keywords and find it in seconds!

Tags: Add Tags to Inbox items to organize them and them easier to find. Create as many different tags as you want to help you organize your notifications and messages. Popular tags include: follow-up, new leads, customer testimonials, customer suggestions and questions.

Fully customizable: Customize your Inbox so you are more productive. Choose which accounts and notifications are shown.


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